Dave’s Original Sauce: The Secret Ingredient of Superb Meals

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About Us

Dave agreed and created Dave’s Original Sauce. His customers enjoyed the unique taste of Dave’s Original Sauce on a variety of home cooked meals.

Dave now has a great new addition to his saucy line up, its DAVE’S ORIGINAL SWEET n’ SASSY which is being introduced in stores RIGHT NOW!!!

So come on out to the KP Diner and tell Dave you saw him on his website!

Sandra Lovley

“Hi Dave, I use it as cole slaw dressing and have used it in place of Miracle Whip in chicken and carrot (shredded sandwiches). I have my folks in Maine hooked and my sister-in-law in Delaware.”

“Hi Dave!! Both Dan and I LOVE your sauce!!! I remember the first time I tried it, at the KP. Dan has eaten at your establishment for years, but on my first visit, I ordered your marinated chicken and your coleslaw and your sauce came along side. It was OUT OF THIS WORLD!!! In fact, I marinate chicken, at home now, in Good Seasons dressing and then roll in Italian bread crumbs and bake, covered, for about an hour. Once cooked, I make a chicken sandwich and YES, a layer of Sweet and Sassy on the bun. YUMMY (just got an idea that I should try marinating the chicken in your sauce...now that's an idea!!!)!!!!!!!!!! Also, we like it on hamburgers and of course, LOVE it as a dip for home-made french-fries. Thanks again, Dave!!!!”

Sean & Lynn Kearney, Suffield, CT

“I tried your cole slaw outside one of the State Houses and loved it. My husband however loves to put it on his chicken, says it makes a nice wrap.”

North Branford, CT

“I purchased several jars of your sweet & sassy at the BIG E in Mass. How to I reorder for more, I am very pleased with the product and the fact that it is low in calories and fat. I no longer reach for the mayo, and everyone who has tried it at my home also finds it very tasty and a nice change from the usual dressings.”

Ms. Carol Strong, South Windsor. Ct.

“I purchased a jar outside the R.I. bldg. of "The Big E" in West Springfield, Mass. I use this on coleslaw & in salads. Please, I'd like to order more from you online. Very good tasting!!!!!!!!!”

Carol, East Hampton, CT

“I am willing to pay shipping and whatever. Pleae send 2 cases. I LOVE you product. HELP!!”

Ludwick, east Hampton, CT

“I love sweet 'n sassy, I use it on everything it is delicious, thank you.”

Quincy, Ma

“Hello, I am writing to find a way to obtain your wonderful product I bought at the chowder fest. It made the best slaw I've ever had. I do not live in Rhode Island and I would like to know if there was another closer location to Boston or mail order.”

Pat Curran, Tiverton R.I.

“I am a new user of Dave's Original. I picked it up at Grand Central Market in Tiverton and have been using it ever since. We've used it on Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, Tomatoes, Roast Pork, Ham and sandwiches. We just love it. Its a really great product and hope you have a great success with this great tasting dressing.”