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Dear Dave,

On my way home from Block Island on July 21st, I stopped at Sandy's in Westerly & came across your Coleslaw Dressing on a bottom shelf & bought 1 jar. It is the best product I have tasted in years! Obviously, I need to order your product!!!

Best regards,
Mary Flo
Bristol, CT
I tasted a sample of your sweet & sassy months ago in the Grand Central Station (NY) food market. Its great with smoked salmon on a water cracker.

Hi Dave,

Thank you very much. Hand deliver on Friday is great!! We absolutely love the sweet N' Sassy. We purchase it at Seabra in Bristol and at Clements Market in Portsmouth.

Thanks again,
hi dave!

I live in Marblehead, MA and recently picked up a jar of your coleslaw dressing. we LOVE it. Awesome work =)

kind regards,

thank you so much for your reply to my question and the offer to replace my glass jars. No need for that. will use them up and I look forward to the new, larger plastic ones. I am addicted to your sauce - love it on sandwiches and it's the secret to my coleslaw!! Don't worry ,I do give you credit!!!

Rhode Island
Hi Dave,

I use it as cole slaw dressing and have used it in place of Miracle Whip in chicken sandwiches. I have my folks in Maine hooked, my sister-in-law in Delaware. Need to replenish both people, problem solved!

Fall River, MA

I originally got it at Grand Central Market when you first put it in the store. I just love the product. It has so many uses. When GC closed I looked at Stop and Shop, Shaws and a few other places. I do go to Clements once in awhile and will purchase it there. You have a wonderful product. Don't change a thing. Its perfect the way it is.

A very satisfied customer.